4 Menu for 4 Season

Difficult to tell a menu, a menu changes, evolves, sometimes returns. Our menu is always updated. At the base of our dishes we always try to respect the tradition of Italian cuisine with a faithful look to the Roman and the territory. We also propose small experiments, always paying great attention to raw materials and respecting their seasonality.

The Meat

Our wide selection of Beef, all sourced from Denmark and subsequently processed by the historic "Butcher Feroci", has been a source of pride and notoriety on the part of our customers for years.

Among our specialties you will find:

Beef steak 450 gr

Rib steak with bone 800 gr

Fiorentina steak (Sirloin and tenderloin with T bone)

Fillet 200 gr

Entrecote di Sirloin 400 gr

Sliced ​​Sirloin with Rosemary Oil 800 gr

The Wines

Our cellar, to which we have dedicated a space for men of the genre, you can read the small exhibition and freely choose among our proposals with an eye for Lazio wines.